Written by app-thermal

CareUs – Innovative surface disinfectant

ZØR Mor developed Care Us, a powerful surface disinfectant formulated with selected ingredients to increase its antiseptic action, in response to the increasing care of surfaces.

The antimicrobial activity of alcohols results from their ability to denature proteins and to damage the membranes of micro-organisms. Alcohols have excellent germicidal activity in vitro against Gram-positive and Gram-negative Bacteria (including multi-resistant pathogens such as MRSA and VRE) and M. tuberculosis.

Numerous studies document the in vivo antimicrobial activity of alcohols, concluding that they effectively reduce bacterial counts on hands.

By the unique Sil2U® technology, Hydrogen Peroxide is stabilised in the formulation, remaining active.

Its application on the most demanding surfaces such as worktops, kitchen countertops, among many other surfaces with high use and extra care, makes Care Us your main ally to ensure safety against viruses, bacteria and fungus.