e-Kool Smart Bag PCM

Delivery Isothermal Bags

They are suitable for sending food, pharmaceutical, hospital and other products. The useful volume of isothermal bags varies between 10 and 40 liters.

These solutions are qualified up to 48 hours for temperature ranges from 2º to 8ºC or 15º to 25ºC.

Possibility of incorporating a sensor and making the solution intelligent and monitorable by a smartphone.

These Isothermal bags are economical and reusable.

  • Useful volume varies between 10 and 40 Liters
  • Qualified up to 48 hours
  • Temperature ranges between 2C and 8C and 15C and 25C
  • Reinforced temperature with PCM 4 or 20 accumulators
  • Possible to incorporate Sensor
  • Monitorable by smartphone
  • Minimum Interior Dimensions: 320 x 220 x 220 mm
  • Maximum Interior Dimensions: 460 x 380 x 290 mm

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 2C up to +25C


10 to 40 Liters




Up to 48 hours


Economic System

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