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Etiquetas para Monitorização Tempo, Temperatura e Humidade

Temperature Monitoring Solutions for all sectors.

The Labels are practical, small and therefore easy to use.

There are 4 models available. This diversity has a USB connection, automatic reports with history and graphics included, LED’s temperature drop indicators, NFC sensor, among many other features.

They monitor and record various indices such as Temperature, Humidity, Weather, Breaks and Alarms.

  • GO PDF: they are thin and have an integrated USB connection point that can be connected directly to the computer. Once connected, a PDF file is automatically generated with the complete history of time and temperature, including the graph and summary data. Model available in smaller format: GO PDF Mini.
  • GO Contact: reading on the surface of the object to which they are attached, providing a sample of the temperature every minute to ensure that the most significant temperature events are recorded. It includes LEDs that indicate if a pre-programmed temperature has been broken and if all the generated data can be transferred through a contact reader with graphs and summary statistics.
  • GO NFC: they are thin and transfer time / temperature data from a short-range Near Field Communications (NFC) device using an NFC-enabled Android ™ phone or tablet. The data is immediately available on the Android device’s display through the Label Viewer application.

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