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Loggers, Monitorização Tempo, Localização e Temperatura

Temperature Monitoring Solutions for all sectors.

These Data Loggers are easy to use, and monitor in real time anywhere in the world.

There are 3 models available. This diversity counts with the registration of the temperature and location of the products and sends alerts and encrypted data automatically to the Cloud, by email or SMS.

Depending on the model, it includes a highly sensitive light sensor, detects unauthorized access to the load during the entire journey and establishes automatic connection.

They monitor and record various indices such as Temperature, Humidity, Weather, Breaks and Alarms.

  • GO Real-Time issues reports, in real time, of the temperature and location of products anywhere in the world. All data is encrypted and transferred to the Oversight Cloud Monitoring Portal, where alerts and status reports are sent by email or SMS.
  • Go Real-Time Lux, with a highly sensitive light sensor, detects unauthorized access to your high-value cargo the entire way. Whether your cargo is at the border, at a checkpoint or at the unloading dock, you know in real time when and where your cargo is being accessed, as well as the temperature of your product.
  • Go Real-Time XL: Designing battery and software life to withstand marine load means having complete coverage for your products, whether on the road, in the port or on the high seas. Whenever the ship approaches the port, the unit automatically connects and transfers all data, even before the ship reaches the pier. It detects light and issues an alert when your products are at risk on the road and a record when doors are opened at the dock.

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