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ZØR, A company driven by sustainability.




Manuel Pizarro
CEO ZØR Thermal


“This closed-loop of material is essential for the future generations and the future of our company.”

Manuel Pizarro | Managing Director at ZØR.


ZØR has always been driven by sustainability – and when possible, our solutions are developed and implemented with the vision of the circular economy. That includes using reusable and recyclable packaging. And even use 100% recycled materials.

Our e-Kool Shipper system is currently composed of 100% recyclable EPS, through EPS boxes supplied by BEWI. Thus, we have achieved one of our 2022 goals.


Used EPS from packaging material are collected and recycled into new EPS beads by BEWIs circular division and then put back into the production line as new raw material.









BEWI group shares the same vision as ZØR – driving a circular economy. And we are proud to provide them with EPS boxes that help save lives and also reduce our environmental footprint. It’s a win-win for all of us, says Óscar Faria, Account Manager at BEWI Plastimar.