We provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Just In Temperature

We use our knowledge of the Thermal Chain to offer export companies innovative solutions, ensuring a better packaging of their products, either by sea, air or land.


If before it was necessary to acquire equipment permanently, with ZØR Rent, it is possible to respond to specific needs with the speed and quality required, opening space for your company to other investments.

Last Mile

Our systems serve as backups for orders that require a wait time until delivered or stored. This allows quick decisions to be made safely.


The mapping is required by the regulators of certain sectors, and its purpose is the study of areas where the temperature / humidity is determinant for the product. It seeks to analyze the influence of the external conditions in this area in order to internally verify more susceptible places to changes / variations.


FabLab is a research and development laboratory dedicated to the analysis and testing of the different aspects and components of the technological solutions of the Thermal Chain. Its purpose is to present to ZØR’s customers the quality control checks of the technological solutions that are marketed.


Our systems not only allow products to be well-accommodated as well as maintain quality from the source to the destination. In an online business, distribution should be rapid and effective. We offer you the best solutions to make all this possible, especially with thermo-sensitive products.