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Monitorização de Temperatura durante o Transporte

Temperature recorders for thermo-sensitive products:

They provide product temperature traceability during the entire transport.

It allows access to the temperature history and logistical data, through any smartphone with NFC sensor.

  • Model: Advanced Systems NFC Tag
  • Access to temperature history by Android smartphone equipped with NFC
  • Accuracy and temperature ranges: 0.2C between 0 and 30C and 0.4C from 30 to + 70C calibration certificate provided
  • Warnings / Alerts: Allow the receiver to see directly if the thermal chain has been broken
  • Durability: 30 days to 1 year depending on version and use
  • Local data security
  • Data access is protected by PIN code
  • Network data security
  • Data transferred to the cloud is encrypted
  • Logistics: Can be integrated directly into the packaging
  • Dimensions: 2.5 mm thick

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