Advanced Products Portugal (APP) has as a guideline the transmission to costumers of the trust in the quality of the products it provides, in the technical capacity, seeking to reach the level of quality required to satisfy needs and expectations, evidencing itself in its sector of activity.

Thus, the APP is committed to:

Improve costumer satisfaction.

Develop and/or commercialize solutions and technological Products for cold chain such as bags, blankets, isothermal boxes, thermometers, thermographs, etc., tailored to the needs of customers in order to meet their needs and expectations.

Improve the professional satisfaction of company employees.

Encouraging an adequate work environment by providing adequate equipment and facilities in addition to the training necessary for the continuous development and preparation of staff.

To strictly comply with the requirements acquired with the client, normative and legal.

Establishing the necessary measures to ensure that the deliveries of products and other measures are not delayed or errors, by means of adequate planning and control, ensuring that the products comply with international quality standards.

Continuously improve the effectiveness and productivity of the organization.

Ensure the effectiveness of our activities by providing accurate information to our customers and reducing nonconformities and incidents.

These commitments may be subject to analysis and readjustment depending on the performance of the organization.