Written by app-thermal

ZØR and Sustainability

ZØR seeks daily to make its solutions more sustainable through designs and solutions that meet the circular economy.

Our strategy is committed to sustainability. We are fully committed to continuous improvement and to integrating sustainability into our day-to-day operations:

▪ To consist of a fully circular business:

Planning for the most correct life cycle of all materials in our solutions

▪ Continuous engagement with partners:

Being an active and responsible partner so that together we can build a circular economy

▪ Contribute to social inclusion:

Create a positive social impact for all those involved with ZØR


Case Study

KoolGel accumulators are developed using recyclable plastic, as they do not contain a mixture of raw materials – mono-material (PE / PE).

With this, we can guarantee a more efficient, higher quality recycling that allows for different forms of application.

In addition, KoolGel accumulators, like other ZØR solutions, are accompanied by disposal instructions.