Written by app-thermal

ZØR Develops i-Thermal Platform

During this last year, ZØR launched i-Thermal, the incorporation of a continuous monitoring system in the qualified solutions, which allows the temperature and other parameters of each of the shipments to be controlled.

Integrated with qualified solutions, this system monitors 100% of shipments to ensure validation and complete traceability of the entire thermal chain in the distribution process.

These systems are easily integrated into each solution, without taking up useful space or reducing internal capacity. ZØR always recommends the best system taking into consideration the customer’s objective and the solutions to be used.

This solution provides a mobile application for interaction with the sensor and a Website for consulting and managing temperature data. The system features continuous data storage and download via BLUETOOTH from any Android mobile device. Data access is done through a portal for easy and quick access to all the data of each shipment. This platform can be integrated into customer platforms.