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Partnership between APP and Sines-Albufeira Humanitarian Center of CVP (Institution)

APP established an important partnership with the Humanitarian Center of Silves-Albufeira which culminated in a Workshop on First Aid directed to the local community, on July 4, in Armação de Pêra beach.

This partnership integrated the offer of logistics solutions, which will serve as support to the activity of the institution on the beaches of the region, with higher incidence in the bathing season. The solutions allow you to transport refrigerated medicines.

More than 30 children from local institutions attended the workshop to learn about Red Cross relief and support equipment as well as some basic first aid procedures.

The event was attended by Manuel Pizarro (General Manager of APP) and the Director of the Humanitarian Center of Silves-Albufeira of the Portuguese Red Cross, António Pontes.

See here the RTP report (at 20 minutes)